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National Membership Weekly Report

Happy Membership Wednesday,

Today is a great day for a great day!  Departments are reaching higher than ever goals, working our mission, and recruiting those members!

This week we will start by congratulating the latest two Departments to reach over 100% in membership. BIG Congratulations to the Department of North Carolina with 100.50% and the Department of Michigan as they reached 100.38%, Woo Hoo and Congratulations to these two Departments!! 

The Department of New Mexico is staying strong in 1st place as they end the week with an amazing 104.79%! Puerto Rico remains at 100.97% keeping them in 2nd place, pulling ahead into the 3rd place seat this week is the Department of North Carolina with 100.50%, moving up into 4th place is the Department of Michigan with 100.38% and remaining in the top five is the Department of Florida with 100.33%! Awesome work! 

In the Division race, the Western Division has taken over the lead with 97.15%, dropping the Southern Division into 2nd place with 96.91%. But watch out, here comes the Eastern Division in 3rd place with 96.66%. Great job everyone! 

This week we have five more departments we will be welcoming into the 95% or above club. Congratulations to the Department of South Carolina, Department of Maine, Department of Indiana, Department of New Hampshire, and the Department of Ohio!!!

Woo Hoo to All our departments!

Deadline for the 95% Award is May 27, 2022! With our goal deadlines fast approaching there is no time to stop now, keep that membership coming in. Will your department be the next to yell “Show me the Money”!

This week’s numbers show, we are at 95.60% of goal Nationally, we have 5 Departments that have reached over 100%, we have 23 Departments that have reached over 95% and another 22 departments at 90.00 % or above.

OUTSTANDING!!!!  Today most definitely is a great day for a great day!!

Until next week… Thank You for ALL you do! 


National Membership Chairman



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