The education of all of America’s children is essential for the future of our nation. The American Legion Auxiliary joins with The American Legion to aid and support the basic rights of all children to receive an appropriate education. That education should prepare them for a fulfilling life.


1. To help make it possible for a student who has the ability or the desire, to receive an education beyond high school.
2. To encourage the members of The American Legion and its affiliated organizations to take an active part in the development and maintenance of a school system that will serve the needs of all children at every level of education.
3. To encourage students to select careers where personnel shortages exist.


1. To explore and summarize existing scholarship sources.
2. To make known to potentially eligible students the sources of scholarships that exist.
3. To develop new scholarship opportunities for the increasing number of students who will reach college age.
4. To cooperate with organizations in the recruitment of students for careers where personnel shortages exist.

Progress of the Education program depends upon the working relationship between national, state, and local levels of our organizations. As an aid to all Education Committees to participate in the program’s progress, we have drawn up the following suggested duties.


1. To initiate and support state legislation and national mandates which would establish scholarship opportunities for students and maintain a summary of such scholarships that exist within their state.
2. To inform the American Legion Auxiliary membership of the Program’s objectives.
3. To encourage students to plan for college and to apply for scholarship opportunities early in their senior year.
4. To cooperate with established organizations to encourage students to select careers that will provide the knowledge necessary for our nation’s economic growth and national security.
5. To inform The American Legion’s National Education Committee of changes in state laws, new scholarship opportunities, and general development of the program.

It is suggested that the Unit Education Committee thoroughly familiarize itself with existing sources of American Legion family scholarships available in their own states and communities.

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