National Poppy Day is May 25th, a day of remembrance. The first step necessary to ensure success of Poppy month is the appointment of a capable, enthusiastic chairman and committee. In selecting a chairman, consideration should be given to her ability to organize within the Unit and her ability to secure the greatest possible cooperation from the community.

Poppy Production Manager Information:

Poppy production at the VA WAVE (Wellness and Vocational Enrichment) clinic begins the 2018/19 session on Monday August 13, 2018.  The work crews are made up of disabled veterans looking to better themselves; get back on the road to recovery; learn how to dress; to look for a job and get back into society.  We almost never have repeat workers from one year to the other.

My association with poppy production at the WAVE began in 1997 the year the clinic was conceived and care was offered to veterans who fit the criteria. In my 21 years, nearly 800 veterans have come through the clinic and Poppy program with many ending up with permanent jobs. The transformation of these veterans is sometimes miraculous.

Number of poppies made is determined by what we made the prior year. The average work crew is 8 to 10. With Dr and other appointments, we have to be flexible with attendance.

Our contract this year is 50,000. And our work year is two days a week from 08:30am to 2:00pm from mid-August to mid April excepting holidays.

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