Men and women who have served federal active duty in the United States Armed Forces since December 7, 1941, and have been honorably discharged or are still serving. The sworn to enhance the well-being of America’s veterans, their families, our military, and our communities by our devotion to mutual helpfulness. The American Legion’s vision statement is “The American Legion: Veterans Strengthening America.” Their commitment displays perpetual respect for all past military sacrifices to ensure they are never forgotten by new generations and celebrates all who contributes to something larger than themselves and inspires others to serve and strengthen America. They embrace all current and former members of the military and endeavor to help them transition from military life to civilian life.

The Legionnaires advocate for upholding and defending the United States Constitution, equal justice and opportunity for everyone and discrimination against no one, youth education, responsible citizenship and honoring military service by observing and participating in memorial events.

If you or you know someone who would enjoy being a part of our family, click the links below, we would love you to join our family.

*Because eligibility dates remain open, for all veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces** as well as all active duty members are eligible to join The American Legion at this time, until the date of the end of hostilities as determined by the government of the United States.

**U.S. Merchant Marine are eligible only from December 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946 (WWII).

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